Keladi Museum and Historical Research Bureau


Affiliated to Kuvempu University,
Sagar Taluk,
Keladi 577 401
Distt: Shimoga Dist., Karnataka
Tel: 91-8183-2077


Timings:10.00a.m. to 5.00p.m. Closed: Monday and Government holidays

There are about one thousand paper and palmleaf manuscripts written in Kannada, Sanskrit and Telugu, besides four hundred palmleaf manuscripts in Tigalari script. They relate to Literature, Art, Dharmasastra, History, Astrology, Astronomy, Medicine, Mathematics and Veterinary Science. Survey of other Mss is going on. Among art objects betelnut crackers, locks and keys, weights, combs, artistic domestic vessels, arms and more than one thousand coins of Portuguese, Mysore Wodeyars, Haider Ali and Tippu regimes deserve mention. Stone sculptures include Hero Stones, Sati Stones, Nisidi Stones, Jaina tirthankaras, Kalamukhas, kalabhairva, Chennakesava etc. The copper plate inscriptions belong to Vijayanagara and Keladi times. The museum has a library.

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