Remarkable Expressions In our World's History 1775 - 2008

  • Speeches and Contextual Reading
  • Produced and Edited by Vandana Chak
  • This Volume, the first of a series, contains thirteen expressions by women and men who have through their life choices, passions, and actions shaped human actions beyond their century. It is no coincidence that each speaker’s influence on social, cultural and political thought arises from their ability to understand the human dimension in critical issues, will change with courage and hold a selfless vision for humanity.

    Contextual notes and readings will give the reader moments of delight in discovering each personality a little further, to then make independent inquiries into their other works.

    The works that are not of recent record are compiled from various sources and contain abstracts from historical records. Each speech is famed for its power of verbal communication. They are persuasive, motivational and inspirational. The speech by Mr. Nelson Mandela contains in it the history and impact of Apartheid and explains it as no other derivative source can. So also, the words of Mother Teresa explain the force of love midst ravaging poverty. The discerning will find in Mahatma Gandhi’s speech, characteristically short and succinct, a masterpiece of tact and political skill in the gravest hours of modern history. No contextual notes were added to their speeches. The entire compilation would make for a critical learning tool for educators of law, history and culture.

    Above all, the pleasure of reading such powerful thoughts while allowing the mind to add sound to these expressions, where the reader substitutes for the speaker, to enunciate aloud in the silence of private space or to an audience, is a journey that the editor of this volume hopes each reader will experience.


    Volume 1
    • Quit India Speech by Mahatma Gandhi
    • Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death by Patrick Henry
    • Abdication Address by King Edward VIII
    • Votes For Women by Mark Twain
    • I Have A Dream by Rev. Martin Luther King
      – Gospel Music and Civil Rights Movement
    • No Easy Road To Freedom by Nelson Mandela
    • I Have Been To The Mountain Top by Rev. Martin Luther King
    • On the Death Of Martin Luther King by Robert F. Kennedy
    • Nobel Peace Prize Lecture by Mother Teresa
    • The Inaugural Address by Abraham Lincoln
    • The Gettysberg Address by Abraham Lincoln
    • Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Inaugural Address by John F. Kennedy
    • Race In America by Barack H. Obama
    • Legal Case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

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