Jewellery - Silver, Gold, Mother of Pearl & Coral

Jewellery - Silver, Gold, Mother of Pearl & Coral

Though gold and silver work is a traditional craft on some islands, local work is not easily sourced. Most of the jewellery in shops comes from outside the country particularly from Sri Lanka, which is also a source of fine gem-stones. The bulk of local artisans are now working in local materials.

Ribudhoo Island in Dhaalu (South Nilandu atoll) is famous for making gold jewellery, and Huludeli, in the same atoll, is known for silver jewellery. Legend has it that a royal jeweller brought the gold-smithing skills to the island centuries ago when he was banished to Ribudhoo by a sultan.

Kadholhudhoo, in Raa atoll, is renowned for its silversmiths and goldsmiths. Using ancient techniques the craftsmen make dainty chains and bracelets over tiny charcoal fires. Most of the production is for the use of the islanders and not for the tourist trade.


Beautiful jewellery and decorative items are made from mother of pearl and black coral, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and carved model dhonis.

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