Pith/Netti/Sholapith Craft

Pith/Netti/Sholapith Craft

Sholapith/ Pith/ Aeschynomene Indica/ Netti is derived from a reed that is found in the marshy wetlands of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Assam. The craft is popularly known as sholapith in West Bengal and netti in Tamil Nadu. The core of this reed, which is pure white in colour, is exposed when the outer layer of the stalk is shaved. The core is light, porous, soft, and pliable and can be shaped to suit the imagination of the artisan. Dextrous hands shape this reed into many objects: scaled down models of temples, churches and mosques, carved images of Durga during puja time in Bengal, marriage headgear, flowers and garlands, toys and mobiles are all crafted from this reed.

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